Secret Library Podcast



Back in 2016...

Caroline's passion for podcasting reared its head again. She had already launched and run three shows by this point: The now-defunct Literature Life from 2007, which she co-hosted with the novelist Milda Harris, an interview series for Book Soup from 2008 now lost to obscurity, and another show called Books + Innuendo that she ran with Book Soup Book Buyer Tosh Berman. They were big in Japan. 

But now, in the post-Serial early days of 2016, Caroline saw a bigger conversation that could happen. She started interviewing authors and people in the book publishing world to discuss what it really takes write and publish a book now. She saw this as an opportunity to inspire and inform her coaching clients. Learn more about her work with writers over at her site. 

This show isn't about how you need an artfully torn sweater and a cabin in the woods to daydream in and write your book slowly, with a quill. This show is about real people who made time to write, often against the odds, because they believe that books matter. 

This is the truth about writing books. 

The Secret Library Podcast is co-produced by Host and Creator Caroline Donahue and Creative Director and Editor
Frederick Barry McWilliams, Jr.

When not producing the podcast, you can find them eating leisurely breakfasts, cafe hopping, and planning international travel. 

After a combined 3 decades in Los Angeles, they have decamped to Berlin, where they now live with far too many pets.


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