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#133 2019 Writing Confessions

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I thought I'd never do a solo episode.

But after nearly 3 years of the show, it was time. Through the process of interviewing nearly 150 writers, I've learned a lot about the process of writing and publishing books, but I've never talked about the process of writing my own novel.

Moving into a new year, here are the goals and plans I'm putting in place for a successful writing year, as well as a bunch of ways you can join in the challenge. Let's crush this year and get all those words floating in our heads down on the page.

Discussed in Episode 133 with Caroline

  • Insights gained from recording over 130 episodes

  • The places I get stuck as a writer

  • My writing goals for 2019

  • The plan I have in place to complete my novel this year

  • How you can join in to hit your goals, too

  • Neo Word processor

  • Freewrite

  • A new project I'm releasing this month

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