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#145 Akiko Busch

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Akiko Busch wanted to look at how invisibility could be a superpower.

These days, so much of our time is spent worrying about how to be more visible as writers. Do we have enough presence on social media? Will a publisher accept our book if we send it to them, or will enough readers find our books if we publish them ourselves? In the midst of this intense quest for visibility and transparency in a world that is increasingly connected, Akiko Busch sought to look at how invisibility is a power as well, when it is employed by choice.

In her beautiful book, she explores examples of invisibility in nature, her own home and family, and as far away as Iceland, where their legends include invisible people who live alongside the visible ones, and who are just a bit better than the rest of us. This book opens us up to the magic of not being seen when we want to hide, and was a total sigh of relief to read and discuss, since we writers love to be hermits, don't we? I can't wait for you to listen to this conversation and find permission to disappear for a while.

Discussed in Episode 145 with Akiko Busch

  • Finding the balance between visibility and wanting to disappear 

  • Akiko’s relationship to visibility and how it may has changed over time

  • The way location affects your writing 

  • Different ways to research a book

  • Knowing when to start writing

  • Taking on huge topics

  • Being mindful of visibility when promoting your work

  • Akiko’s advice for taking on abstract topics

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