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#122 Alexandra Franzen

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When Alexandra Franzen first wrote her novel, So This is the End, she wasn't ready to publish it with the wide world.

She released it as a gift - a free download she gave to her mailing list. She was terrified it really wasn't that good.

A torrent of replies came in, sharing how much the book had moved them. She got braver and put it up for sale on her site. Then, over a year later, she thought it might be ok to think about publishing it wide.

Here is the story of how her book went from something that could have hidden in a drawer forever to a book that's been optioned for a series and is coming out in hardcover. If you ever doubt the importance of trying, this is your episode. Warning: you may write like the wind without holding back after listening to this. I know I did.

Discussed in Episode 122 with Alex Franzen:

  • “You’re allowed to start small and get bigger. Your book is allowed to grow with you.”
    Caroline on different modes of publishing

  • “Every creative project has it’s own destiny.”
    On the journey each book takes

  • “Writing a full length novel is different, a journey I wasn’t comfortable with.”
    On the differences between fiction and non-fiction

  • “When you love book, you want your writing to reach that coined standard of excellence.”
    On comparing your own writing to the books that you love

  • “It’s amazing by what we think we have to lose by sharing a piece of creative work.”
    Caroline on insecurities of writing 

  • “Usually the worst case scenario that we fear does not actually happen.”
    On letting go of the “what ifs”

  • “When you find courage to put something out into the world…you never know what the ripple effect will be.”
    On taking the steps to complete a project

  • “You can absolutely choose different paths for different projects.”
    On fluidity among projects

  • “At various points in our journey, it’s okay to be secretive and private.”
    On not always needing to share your work

  • “Trying is ALWAYS worth it.” On how a CPR class changed Alex’s view on going for her goals

  • If you had 24 hours to live, what would you do with your time?

  • Initially released the book self-published on Gumroad and to her mailing list.

  • ”Every book, every creative project really, has its own destiny.”
    On not knowing the final outcome of your projects. 

  • ”I was worried that maybe it sucked.”
    You are not alone in this fear.

  • Fiction writing is new terrain for her. Less confident.

  • Reception from mailing list was positive, so she got more confident in sharing it more widely. 

  • Novel is now optioned for TV. 

  • ”This is it. This is your life.”

  • ”I‘m going to be a little more brave.”
    Deciding to share the book as widely as possible.

  • ”I sat and picked away at the email for like three hours before I sent it.”

  • ”Everyone has anxieties and insecurities & doubt.”
    It never goes away. 

  • ”You want your writing to reach that same standard of excellence.’
    Writing fiction can be daunting. 

  •  “Is this real fiction?”
    On comparing your own work to your favorite works of fiction. 

  • ”Our brains just go buck wild.”
    On fears & insecurities about our creative work.

  • Danielle Cohen, photographer

  • ”You just never know what the ripple effect is going to be.”
    On sharing your work, even on a small scale. 

  • ”First you have to drop that stone in the lake.”
    On sharing your work.

  • ”You have to just make the thing.”

  • ”Do whatever is going to move this project forward.”
    On the debate between self-publishing & traditional publishing. 

  • ”There‘s no one path for getting a book out into the world.”

  • ”What is the big monster?”
    On identifying your real fears.

  • ”It‘s okay to have your little cave.”
    On the fact that not every project needs to be shared. 

  • ”Trying is always worth it.”

  • ”Just by trying you‘re going to be an inspiration to everyone around you.”
    On just doing it.

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