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#35 Amy Kuretsky

Amy Kuretsky | How to be a healthy writer | Secret Library Podcast

Amy Kuretsky | How to be a healthy writer | Secret Library Podcast

Amy Kuretsky is over the suffering artist: She's ushering in the healthy creative instead.

AmyKuretsky is a health coach for creatives and an acupuncturist + herbalist specializing in the emotional and digestive wellness. She coaches creative entrepreneurs to be their healthiest selves without sacrificing their businesses in the process. Her support is for clients who are seeking to make a deeper change in their well being – as a whole being. She's best known for helping creatives find their own brand of work + life balance. I love Amy because she's also a tarot lover, so we have been swapping readings over the past months and always discuss ways to stay healthy and sane as writers. I knew that she was the right person to talk to as we got to the end of January and some of that fired-up energy from New Years begins to dissipate. Tired of feeling tired and run down? Want to know how you can take care of yourself as you are writing like a fiend? This will have you up and running again in no time. Bonus: enjoy the soothing sounds of LA's recent rainstorms in the background.

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Show notes for Episode 35 with Amy Kuretsky:

  • Dealing with New Years intention burnout (2:30)

  • Momentum & the snowball (2:50)

  • The myth of balance when pursuing a serious project idea (4:30)

  • There's no one size fits all (5:55)

  • Dissecting the tortured artist story (8:15)

  • Embracing her identity as a writer (9:00)

  • Building healthy habits around creativity (9:45)

  • What's your story around who you are as a writer? (11:15) Mentioned: Byron Katie

  • You don't have to suffer to tell a good story (12:50)

  • Being in good shape for vulnerability as a writer (13:20)

  • Defining Self Care (14:15)

  • Balancing your inputs and your outputs (16:30)

  • Why self care can be taking things away, not just adding things (17:30)

  • Why meditation is for everyone (18:30)

  • Ways to customize meditation (19:40) Mentioned: Headspace App

  • You are not doing meditation wrong- promise (20:40) Mentioned: I Heart Huckabees ball thing

  • We all deal with our minds getting tied up in knots (22:00)

  • Taking care of the body for writers (23:15)

  • Dealing with hunched shoulders (23:40) Mentioned: Chest opening stretches

  • The Pomodoro technique (24:35) Mentioned: Pomodoro timer, desk stretches

  • The water hack (30:00)

  • Taking care of the spirit (30:20)

  • The differentiation between mind and spirit (30:45) Mentioned: Rachel Pollack 78 Degrees of Wisdom

  • Practices to connect to spirit (32:00) Mentioned: Story Arcana

  • Escaping performance pressure (33:30) Mentioned: EFT

  • How mind and spirit impact your health (35:15)

  • The mental shift with health issues (37:00)

  • How fear can impact your health (38:20)

  • Fear of visibility (38:45) Mentioned: WSJ article with Caroline quoted

  • Why it's so important to voice your truth (39:45) Mentioned: You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

  • Setting intentions for the day & being ok with shitty first drafts (42:15)

  • Moving in order to avoid stagnation (44:10)

  • The elusive coffee thing, a good ritual & calming the monkey mind (45:00) Mentioned: Dandy Blend

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