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#152 Anna Pitoniak

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Anna Pitoniak has the ultimate inside experience: she was a big five editor before publishing her first novel.

Now that she's back with a second novel, it was so helpful to talk to Anna about how knowing how editing works behind the scenes impacted her writing. Many of us fear editing, and worry that someone else reading our work will result it it getting torn apart. Anna had first-hand experience of a productive collaborative editing experience with her authors, so she looked forward to editing, and even was better able to embrace the shitty first draft process knowing there was plenty of time for her writing to get better.

I found this incredibly reassuring: that someone who had worked as an editor was LESS afraid of the criticism her work would receive than someone who'd never done the job. Food for thought for all of us, for sure. Listen to the full episode for more.

Discussed in Episode 152 with Anna Pitoniak

  • What is like to be on both sides of the publishing line

  • The origin of Necessary People and writing solely about women

  • Getting to know your characters better

  • The purpose of a first draft

  • How Anna’s experience as an editor impacted her career as an author

  • A publisher’s perspective on what makes a really good book

  • What Anna found most difficult in writing her newest book

  • How to make a book universal

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