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#115 Anne Waldman

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Confession: I am intimidated by poetry. Reading and Writing History.

If you look over the back catalog of the show, you will find a dearth of poetry represented. partly this is because I have such an abundance of novelists, essayists, and other more mainstream-length books to discuss with people.

But, to be fair, I haven't gone digging for poetry. I feel vastly uneducated in that realm and I suspect many people out there feel the same way. 

For this reason, I was delighted to read Trickster Feminist and to have the opportunity to speak to Anne Waldman about poetry and the role this collection, and the genre as a whole has played in her life. 

If you think poetry is a remote Ivory Tower activity or something limited to something your inner 15-year-old anguished self could write, this episode is going to turn that notion on its ear. We talk about these poems but also the process of writing a poem and building a relationship with poetic language. 

I love Anne Waldman, and I know you will too.

Discussed in Episode 115 with Anne Waldman:

  • Outrider Experimental Poetry Community

  • This book is born out of the current moment and the protest culture that's developed in response to our current political culture.

  • It's a different book than her last couple, which were long pieces worked on for years. These are shorter poems, more tied to the moment.

  • "There was a whole ethos behind it, and also an urgency."
    On why this book right now.

  • Conscious nods to figures in feminist history like Judith Butler, Simone de Beauvoir, and Marguerite Duras.

  • "I can't be naive."
    On staying engaged over 40 years of social activism.

  • "Keep the world safe from poetry!"
    One of her founding slogans at Naropa Institute.

  • "Poetry can help wake the world up to itself."
    Why poetry is more important now than ever.

  • "It was poetry that woke me up to things."
    On encountering poetry at a young age.

  • "The prescription for me was turning to poetry."
    On using poetry to help understand current events.

  • "This is not how it has to be."
    How poetry can explore other ways of living.

  • "There will be singing, but you might have to be singing about the dark times."
    Why creativity is essential whether times are happy or hard.

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