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#55 Autumn Witt Boyd

Once you sell a book, you're going to have to sign a book contract.

Thanks to Autumn coming on the show, this doesn't have to be a terrifying process. Every writer who has come on the show has emphasized book contracts as something you need to understand before you sign. I don't know about you, but despite the fact that the majority of my friends are lawyers, I wouldn't feel comfortable reading and signing a contract without some help. Autumn speaks in simple language in this episode and clarifies all the areas you'd need to understand and the areas you need to consider before signing a contract.

In this day and age of eCourses, eBooks, and spin-off options for books, there is a lot more to a contract than just royalties and hardbacks and paperbacks. This is the beginning of a conversation you'll want to have with a lawyer yourself when it comes time to publish your book. This can apply as well if you're self-publishing as it's possible you will get picked up from there for print rights or if there is a movie in the offing, a la The Martian. I promise this episode is just as fun to listen to, even if the content is more practical. Autumn is delightful and very passionate about supporting authors. Get ready to feel a whole lot more confident when you sell that book one day. Hopefully, you can feel that day getting closer already.

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Discussed in Episode 55 with Autumn Witt Boyd:

  • Why you need a lawyer who specializes in IP and, ideally, publishing and creative fields as well

  • The need to clearly define the book you are writing from a contract perspective

  • Publishing contracts are specific to the publishing house

  • Deciding what rights the publisher will have

  • What rights there are: paperbacks, TV, film, podcasts, eCourses, etc.

  • Other pieces that may be up for negotiation: audiobook rights, cover design, book layout for visual books

  • The negotiation process and how it differs between publishing houses

  • The difference between fiction and non-fiction contracts

  • Pitfalls to look out for in contracts

  • What happens if the publisher buys the proposal and not a finished manuscript

  • Handling changes between proposal and delivering a manuscript

  • Why you should not sign away your copyright to the publisher

  • How a lawyer fits in to the writer, publisher, and agent relationship

  • The difference between hiring a lawyer for a flat-rate project or on retainer

  • The skinny on multiple-book deals and how they work

  • The dynamics of the book advance

  • The difference between intellectual property and "the book."

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