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#1 Bari Tessler

Episode 1: Bari Tessler and The Art of Money

In our inaugural episode, I am thrilled to have Bari Tessler on the show. I have known Bari for many years and have been a student of her work. Bari has been teaching her approach to money in person and then online and thousands of students have benefited from her work by attending her online school, The Art of Money, a yearlong curriculum that takes students through the entire process, is the current incarnation.

This book will make Bari's incredible work available to many more people. I can't say how much my relationship to money has changed since learning about this process. In our show, you'll learn the outline of the work, how to do a body check-in (one of my favorite tools of Bari's) as well as what it's like to create a book, work with a co-writer, find a publisher, work with editors to find the right fit, and the excitement of getting the review copies for the first time.

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Look for new episodes of the show coming soon! Please do let us know what you'd like to learn about on the show, too. We're booking guests now. I plan to speak to authors as well as people whose work involves the creation of books. Since so few of us know the behind the scenes process of creating a book, we'll be learning together just how books end up on our hands.

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