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#136 Caroline Wright

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When you don't sweat the small stuff and just write

I was lucky enough to get connected to Caroline Wright and immediately wanted her to come on the show. She has that groovy job so many of us have dreamed of: food stylist, recipe creator and big glossy cookbook author. Swoon! However, there's much more than meets the eye to Caroline.

Several years ago, she was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor and given a very short prognosis by her doctors. Miraculously, she's surpassed their expectations and is currently healthy. But what changes about your career when you've just spent more than a year setting everything aside and trying to get well. How does your work change when every day feels like bonus time?

I am so grateful to have had this conversation with Caroline and I feel even more excited about it because I get to share it with all of you. Caroline really is a gift.

Discussed in Episode 136 with Caroline Wright:

  • How Caroline got in to cookbooks and her journey to today

  • What really goes in to creating a cookbook

  • How an unexpected brain tumor sparked a lifestyle change

  • Respecting where Eastern medicine and Western medicine come together

  • Making adaptions to fit a new lifestyle

  • How people are who are perfectionists can get stuck

  • Remembering to recognize the bigger picture of things

  • Making cooking inclusive 

  • Changing your approach to your writing career as you experience growth personally and professionally 

  • Being the center of your work while respecting your experience and others’ like it

  • The responsibility that comes with putting a book out

  • Letting go of what a career should look like

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