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#157 Caroline Donahue

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Three and a half years into hosting The Secret Library, something changed.

I started this show in the spring of 2016, eager to crack the code on writing books. There was plenty of information about craft, but not so much about the fortitude needed to sit down day after day and actually write and publish something meaningful. I’d been writing and discarding drafts of novels for nearly a decade and wanted to discover the truth about writing books from the inside.

Now, over 150 episodes in, I know writing a book is absolutely possible. I no longer worry whether or not we can do this. But what I have realized is that packing your life chock full and saying yes to everything does not help you write a book. Making time to write requires hard choices, and this episode goes into the hard choices I’ve made recently in order to actually get this book done. Sometimes, you need to take a break and hide in the creative cave. Here’s how I made that happen.

Discussed in Episode 157 with Caroline Donahue

  • Caroline’s writing process

  • The evolution of the podcast over the past three and a half years

  • What’s next for the show

  • How you can stay in touch during the break

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