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#150 Chip Cheek

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In the first draft of his novel, Cape May, Chip Cheek made a beautiful mess.

Chip wasn't sure what era he wanted his novel to be set in, so during his first draft, he wrote the book in all of them. How might he do that, you may ask. As he explained it, he started the first chapter in one time period, then tried another option in the next chapter and then so on through the whole book.

He checked in with how each time felt, took the options to his writing group, and then decided based on which time had the most to offer the story. Brilliant! If you have one element of your book you're unsure of, try writing as many options as you can in the first draft. Let it be messy and see how each option feels on the page. Then upon revision, choose the best one and revise to match.

This and many more groundbreaking ideas in this week's episode of the podcast. I've been buzzing ever since we recorded- I know you will be too when you listen.

Discussed in Episode 150 with Chip Cheek

  • The origin of the idea for the Cape May novel

  • Including taboo in literary fiction

  • Letting your story lead you and surprise you along the way

  • Maintaining the balance between the excitement of writing and focusing to the end of the book

  • Going through the work and the revision process of Cape May

  • How writing groups and people your work forward

  • Finding the motivation to finish your book

  • Getting passed writers block

  • Why Chip chose the ending to Cape May that he did

  • The differences between different points of view

  • Moving on to another story

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