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#6 Christina Orlando

If you've dreamed of reading books and drinking tea all day instead of staying in a soul-sucking job that creates nothing but stress, this is the episode for you.

Join me as I chat with Christina Orlando, founder of Muse Monthly, as we talk about creating a book and tea subscription service, and how she gets dreamy books to her subscribers every single month. I was even treated to the fact that she has books stacked all over her home and that she spends much of her time immersed in them, searching for the right treat for her subscribers. Sounds like magic to me... I'd be wearing a kimono through the entire process.

We talk about searching for first-time authors and those from under-represented voices to create a really special experience for readers out there. And, even more fun, we dive into how to pair a tea to extend the atmosphere and flavor of a book. This is a challenge I am going to be thinking about for a long time.

There's nothing like talking to a book nerd AND someone who loves their job every day. This conversation was such a treat. I know you'll enjoy it as much as I did.

Note: Sadly, the book that we discussed in the show was for the July Subscription box, which has now sold out. However, August is open if you sign up by 7/24. Selections for that box: The Muse by Jessie Burton (remember The Miniaturist?!? same author) and Flower Crown tea from Bad Girl Good Tea... but you might even beat me if you follow her on her super swoon-worthy instagram feed.

Happy listening!

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