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#139 Christopher Castellani

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Point of View is Everything

Christopher Castellani told me this as we discussed the ins and outs of writing his latest novel, Leading Men. Not only does he believe that POV is everything, he went so far as to write a book on the topic in order to get it right for his novel.

With so many books out these days with shifting POV and the tricky question of which one to use and how it impacts your book, this was a topic that I knew we needed to discuss on the show. In addition, we dive into language and how you can get it right in your book. Happy listening!

Discussed in Episode 139 with Christopher Castellani

  • Finding point of view and how this is central to your writing

  • The proper use of language in writing

  • The best way to structure your story

  • Remembering your reader 

  • The 20 year journey of Leading Men

  • Getting to know your characters 

  • Combining the freedom of fiction of the constraints of the truth

  • Using temporal variety to drive your plot 

  • Learning when to let go of your book 

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