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#58 Dal Kular


Dal Kular didn't plan on becoming a novelist.

After recording nearly sixty episodes of The Secret Library, I realized I had a full catalogue of interviews with experts. People who were at the end of the writing journey, in some way. They had either published books as the writer, publisher, or had engaged in the process already and were looking back in order to discuss it.

This began to feel like a disconnect between the guests and the listeners I knew were out there taking the show in. So many people write in talking about the story they are working on now, the one they aren't sure they'll be able to figure out how to finish. I knew there was a different conversation that needed to happen on the show.

Dal Kular has been my noveling winglady for quite some time. She has been a social worker, a laughter yoga instructor, and an amazing blogger before a novel snuck up on her and has been pushing her to write it every since. We check in and talk about our writing regularly and share how it's going as we inch our way along through our books. Recently, I managed to talk Dal into coming on the show so we could talk about this stage of the process- the one at the very beginning when you don't know if that story you're working hard on will ever turn out to be a real book. This conversation was such a relief to have, and I think many of you will relate to it. Enjoy listening. I felt such relief talking about the scary aspects of writing from inside the process. Here's hoping it is of use to you. Plus, you get to listen to Dal's lovely accent- a major perk this episode, I must say.

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Discussed in Episode 58 with Dal Kular:

  • Coming to writing after another career

  • The healing elements of writing

  • How writing changes the way you see your life

  • What therapeutic writing is

  • The need to open to more types of writing and more voices

  • Working through life challenges in life with writing

  • How the novel came to her

  • What it's like to work on a novel not knowing what will happen once it's written

  • Writing in community

  • The role of criticism

  • The difference between an MFA and a Masters in Therapeutic writing

  • Why we each write

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