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#9 Elora Ramirez

Sometimes, as someone who's dreaming of writing, you hit some road blocks. Sometimes you want to quit. Sometimes you're just plan scared- maybe even too scared to start at all.

Just stop all that and listen to this episode. Listen to it right now.

Elora Ramirez is going to rock your world on this episode- I know she rocked mine. We talked about everything from getting a publisher, to losing a publisher because it went under to still triumphing. We talked about writing books that made her feel depressed and overwhelmed to writing books that maker her giggle.

Do you need to feel enough mojo to get moving on your writing? This will help.

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Show notes for Episode 9 with Elora Ramirez

  • On doing NaNoWriMo (2:45) Mentioned: Every Shattered Thing

  • Balancing heavy subjects and life (4:00)

  • Finding a publisher (4:45)

  • On walking away from teaching (5:45)

  • Getting into the indie community (7:45)

  • Publishing contests (8:15)

  • On writing the book I wanted to write (9:15)

  • Writing a wide range of stories (10:15) Mentioned: Somewhere Between Water and Sky | Secrets Don't Keep

  • Giggling while writing (11:45)

  • Writing what you want rather than what you think over people want to read (12:30)

  • Story Coaching (13:00)

  • The struggle of burnout (15:00)

  • Writing discipline (16:45)

  • The a-ha in the toilet paper aisle at Target (17:15)

  • Getting your story out of your bones and into the world (20:30) Mentioned: Indie Confidence

  • There's no formula to publishing (22:15)

  • Writing a book on the bucket list (23:30)

  • Pep talk time (24:00)

  • NaNoWriMo confessions (26:45)

  • The joys of pantsing and not knowing what your characters will do next (27:15)

  • What is pantsing? (29:15)

  • Breaking the PG writing barrier (31:15)

  • The complexities of writing what you know (32:00)

  • Advice from a Story Coach (33:40) Mentioned: Community

  • Writing and fear (37:20)

  • Dealing with feedback (38:00)

  • The reality of reviews and why readers should reach out (39:45) Mentioned: In this Moment by Autumn Doughton

  • The indie community (43:15)

  • Writing in Community (44:00) Mentioned: Awake Indie

  • On the beauty of staying small (47:45)