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#19 Erin Jourdan

Erin Jourdan | Stunt Journalism | Secret Library Podcast |

Erin Jourdan | Stunt Journalism | Secret Library Podcast |

Erin Jourdan is not afraid of stunt writing.

You won't be either, once you listen to this episode. Ever wanted to try something off the wall? Dive into a personal issue that you want to understand better? Have some ghosts from the past that you want to resolve?

This episode, we talk about the beauty of writing from personal experience and how it can improve memory, decrease stress and help people get over fears that they've had- sometimes their whole lives. Erin Jourdan has taught the process of Stunt Journalism to hundreds of students, both online and in person, and it's a fascinating way to write.

In addition, we talk about the differences between fiction writing, memoir, non-fiction, and writing from personal experience... this has been a hot topic in the writing world so it's a great issue to explore.

If you end up diving in to your own stunt writing project, please do tell us about it in the comments or drop a line to podcast [at] carolinedonahue [dot] com.

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Show Notes for Episode 19 with Erin Jourdan:

  • What is stunt journalism? (1:45)

  • How memoir is a loaded term (5:00)

  • Cultural differences and awareness around stunt journalism (6:15)

  • Categories of stunt journalism (7:15) Mentioned: Marie Kondo | The Box prompt

  • Pretending to be a journalist (10:00)

  • Emotional spelunking (12:15)

  • Having a passport (13:30)

  • Local stunts & mental travel (16:15)

  • The impact and evolution of the stunt writing process (17:15)

  • How writing can change your life (19:00)

  • Emotional barometric pressure (19:30)

  • Further information and eBook with Stunt Writing prompts (21:00) Mentioned: Link to download

  • Storytelling as a therapeutic modality (22:00)

  • Theories on why writing benefits the brain (23:00)

  • Gratitude journaling (25:00)

  • The impact of publishing/sharing fiction vs. non-fiction or personal experience writing (26:00)

  • Getting it onto the page alone vs. in community (28:30)

  • The benefits of sharing work in a safe group (29:45)

  • Fiction feedback vs. personal writing feedback (31:00)

  • Expanding from a scene to a full book on the next level (33:00)

  • Hot spots (34:45) Mentioned: Nona Caspers

  • Writing should be available to everyone (37:45)

  • Community stunts and making your world bigger with writing (39:30)

  • Take publication out of the equation when you're writing (40:30)

  • Writing as therapeutic and spiritual (42:00)

  • Writing and memory (42:45) Mentioned: Malcolm Gladwell's podcast

  • The role of accuracy in non-fiction, memoir, and personal experience writing (43:30) Mentioned: Being John Malkovich

  • Expanding your point of view through stunt writing (45:30)

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