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#42 Ezzie Spencer

Ezzie Spencer | Secret Library Podcast | Writing the Wisdom of the Moon

Ezzie Spencer | Secret Library Podcast | Writing the Wisdom of the Moon

I really just love me some Ezzie Spencer.

Dr. Ezzie Spencer didn't begin writing and teaching about the impact the Moon can have on our lives. Quite the opposite- she began in a law career which travelled through social justice work and academia before she began teaching about how tracking our lives through the phases of the moon can be life altering. This episode gets a little meta: not only has Ezzie written about a process that she has taught for years, the process itself was incorporated into the way she wrote the book. If that made your head explode a little bit, don't worry – we spell it all out in the conversation.

This episode is an excellent myth buster as well. Here are just a few off the top of my head: you don't have to have been a writer your whole life to publish a book. Nor do you need to have a torturous experience writing it. Ezzie and I spend a lot of time talking about how she consciously planned to write her book nearly a year after she wrote the outline so she could do so under conditions that worked for her. If you are afraid writing a book is an experience you have to suffer through, let this episode dispel that notion. Finally, the myth that publishers will misunderstand your project and turn it into something else is one that we find doesn't have to be true either. I hope you feel as bubbly and light and hopeful after listening to this episode as I did after recording.

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Show notes for Episode 42 with Ezzie Spencer:

  • How Ezzie went from lawyer to creating Lunar Abundance (2:30)

  • Feeling something elemental was missing (3:15)

  • How journaling helped her process of discovery (3:45)

  • Finding correlations between her world and the moon phase (4:45)

  • Beginning to share her discoveries (5:45)

  • When it started to feel like it might become a book (6:20)

  • How the lunar abundance practice helped with the book (8:20)

  • Yin vs. yang moon phases and the principles of abundance (9:20)

  • Differentiating intentions vs. goals (10:20)

  • Intentions about how she wanted to feel when writing the book (12:10)

  • How she wanted the reader to feel while reading (13:00)

  • Taking the concepts off the page and into their own lives (15:00)

  • Planning and building a writing routine filled with ease (15:20)

  • Getting into the drafts and putting the ideas down (16:30)

  • Knowing when to write during the day (17:50)

  • Fitting the lunar intention into the writing process (18:20)

  • The benefit of having taught the material for a number of years (18:45)

  • Holding publication in the back of her mind while writing (21:40)

  • Working with an editor (23:30) Mentioned: Esmé Wang

  • The entrance of the publisher & receiving in yin phases (24:20)

  • Working with a dream publisher and selling just the Australia/New Zealand rights (25:30)

  • The visual elements of the design incorporated in the published book (26:45)

  • The importance of the contract for the author (28:30)

  • Compromising when working with a publisher (30:00)

  • The magical writer/lawyer combination (31:00)

  • The desire to write a book that was both spiritual and practical (32:10)

  • How Ezzie is feeling about the book coming out in the world (33:15)

  • Plans to get the book distributed internationally (35:30)

  • Trusting as the process moves forward (37:00)

  • The dream of her little girl self coming true with this book and the desire to write more (38:00)

  • Balancing between the cocooning of writing and engaging with community (39:00)

  • The yin and yang phases (40:00)

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