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#67 Gabriela Pereira

Gabriela Pereira doesn't think you NEED to get an MFA.

However, need and want are two different things. An MFA grad herself, Gabriela realized that many writers struggled with the dilemma of whether to MFA or not to MFA and took her own grad school experience and created a template so others could get all the benefit of the degree with none of the loans, debt and stress that can come along with going back to school. Gabriela is a wealth of information and was incredible generous in sharing that with us on this episode.

If you've ever wanted to take your writing seriously and pursue it with great focus, but believed you don't need to go back to school to become a "real" writer, this episode is going to feel like one giant permission slip. Happy listening and happy writing, for those of you who finish listening and realize you can start writing right now, degree or no no degree.

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Discussed in Episode 68 with Gabriela Pereira:

  • What's great about the MFA degree

  • Which subset of writers the degree works for

  • What the degree includes and what it doesn't

  • Why you don't need a degree to write

  • The elements of the program that you can recreate outside of it

  • The true cost of an MFA degree in the US

  • The relationship between an MFA and employment

  • The reassuring truth that you don't need an MFA to get published

  • How Gabriela launched the idea of DIY MFA

  • The creation of systems for writing

  • Looking at the DIY process as more of an experiment than a creative project

  • Drilling down on what conditions help you write best

  • Systematizing your life, the real lesson in the book

  • The different types of reading and why they are all important

  • The living outline formula

  • What to do when you get stuck

  • The wall everyone hits in act 2

  • Rule of three and the way out of tricky spots

  • Archetypes and how they can help you write

  • The Wainscott Weasel

  • How to create an amazing critique group

  • The DIY MFA course launches again soon

This episode sponsored by the Central Coast Writers Counference

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