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#154 Greta Solomon

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Greta Solomon found an amazing writing technique the last place she expected: in training to be a songwriter.

In her new book, Heart Sass and Soul, Greta shares a vast array of incredible journaling techniques to help you connect to your true writing voice, but my favorite of them all was called Object Writing. Greta and I go through it in detail and explore how this method - well known to songwriters - helped her reconnect to joy in the writing process. I was ready to rush out and try it the minute we finished recording, and I'm sure you will be, too.

In addition, we explored how Greta published Heart, Sass and Soul through a fantastic new platform that combines crowdfunding and traditional publishing. We go step by step through her campaign and what it took to reach the finish line with multiple offers and a deal with her dream publisher. If you are starting to think about a home for your manuscript, this is definitely required listening!

Discussed in Episode 154 with Greta Solomon

  • The importance of taking time to write what you want to write

  • Learning to enjoy writing again

  • The technique of object writing and how it changed Greta’s writing and career

  • Why it is important to get out of your head and recreate your writing process

  • Nontraditional routes of publication and how Greta made crowdfunding work for her

  • Ways to take care of yourself during periods of hard work

  • Picking the publisher that is right for you

  • The importance of the writer and reader relationship and how to honor it

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