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#46 Guinevere de La Mare

Guinevere de la Mare is a renaissance woman, with books.

I met Guinevere because I stumbled upon a meeting of the Silent Book Club at the XO conference last September in Portland. I was delighted to see a whole group of people quietly reading together, out in public. Finally, the perfect social outing for introverts!

Upon connecting with Guinevere to learn more about this reading haven, I was fascinated to hear about her career at Chronicle Books prior to creating the SBC. Even better- she has a book coming out this August and was excited to talk about that. So... if you're into discussing the perils of calling yourself a writer, the early days of online media for publishers, how to start your own chapter of the Silent Book Club so you, too can read peacefully out in the world, this is going to be a very happy episode for you.

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Discussed in Episode 46 with Guinevere de la Mare:

  • The slow and circuitous path to calling herself a writer

  • The social rules around reading in public

  • How family baggage and expectations can change what you expect out of your career

  • Art History as the alternate degree if Creative Writing is too scary as a major?

  • What being a "Writer" means

  • The early days at Chronicle Books

  • The beginnings of social media in publishing

  • Creating the Silent Book Club as a way to escape the screen

  • Contributing as a writer to anthologies

  • Creating her own book Mentioned: I'd Rather Be Reading

  • Gathering collaborators for an anthology

  • How she got a book deal

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