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#144 Jacqueline Winspear

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Maisie Dobbs has been a favorite character of mine for years.

So when I found out that Jacqueline Winspear had TWO books coming out this March, I knew we had to have her on the show. I have been a dedicated reader of this brilliant series since the beginning, as this unconventional detective navigates life after WWI and now well into WWII.

Jacqueline spoke very eloquently about the impact her family history has had on her writing this series and how this went from a single story and one book she wanted to write very quickly into a hit series. We dive into character development over the course of a series, and most importantly how to take care of yourself as an author while writing about difficult topics. I know you'll be motivated and uplifted as I was after speaking with Jacqueline, yet another author I've adored even more after the interview.

Happy listening!

Discussed in Episode 144 with Jacqueline Winspear

  • Building a relationship with a character overtime as a writer

  • What it’s like to write a series 

  • Making your writing immersive

  • How your own life experiences can serve your writing

  • The importance of finding an antidote to writing about dark things

  • Different types of research you can do when bringing history in your writing - including learning about family history

  • The question every writer must ask themselves

  • How to address tumultuous times while simultaneously giving comfort 

  • Touching on universal truths 

  • The healing power of books

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