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#15 Janelle Hardy

Janelle Hardy | The Secret Library |

Janelle Hardy | The Secret Library |

Have you ever wondered about the story you're living?

This week, I chat with Janelle Hardy, who spends a lot of time thinking about the stories we live out in everyday life. This is a topic that fascinates me. We don't just read and write stories and then walk away from them. They stay with us. And I often wonder about where the stories we write come from and why we have favorite books?

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Have you ever taken a deep dive inside the story you're running in your life?

Janelle and I really look at this topic and examine how story is one of the most impactful forces going. In the vein of talking about where story comes from, this one will help you get inside your own writing head. Can't wait for you to hear it!

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Show Notes For Episode 15 with Janelle Hardy:

  • Connecting to personal story and myth and cultural messages (2:30)

  • Getting trapped in the story you tell about yourself (3:40) Mentioned: Sarah Selecky Episode

  • Starting with the body to get to story (4:30)

  • How to work with stories come from anxiety (6:15)

  • What happens when you get into the creative process (7:45)

  • The itty bitty shitty committee (8:15)

  • Working with sensitivity and past comments (9:00)

  • On skipping the brain and why language is physical (9:30)

  • Oral storytelling tradition (10:15)

  • What happens when you get into the body (10:45)

  • Character armor and how the creative spark gets trapped (11:15)

  • Working with the critic (13:00) Mentioned: Structural Integration

  • Expanding on what you think is possible (15:00)

  • The head vs. the body in our culture (15:30) Mentioned: The Adventures of Baron von Munchausen Moon scene

  • The personal myth process and looking at your own story (17:15)

  • Looping in your personal myth and getting stuck (18:00)

  • What if your myth had something to teach you? (19:00)

  • Being an outsider (21:30)

  • Reading as medicine (22:45) Mentioned: Clarissa Pinkola Estes Women Who Run With the Wolves & Theater of the Imagination

  • Celebrity as the barometer of cultural stories (24:00)

  • Getting out of a creative straightjacket & the Big Rescue (25:00)

  • The lottery as Prince Charming (26:30)

  • The magical gift of talent and questioning the story (27:45)

  • Reading and traveling to open up to new stories (29:00)

  • NaNoWriMo (32:00)

  • Possibility that comes from breaking old stories (33:00) Mentioned: Byron Katie's process The Work

  • Fear in starting a new story (34:00)

  • Grief and pain in creativity (36:00)

  • The silent meditation retreat (39:45) Mentioned: Spirit Rock Meditation Center

  • Making a choice with the body's guidance (41:00)

  • Tuning into stories for growth (43:30)

  • Tarot as myth (45:30)

  • Working with dark stories (47:00)

  • Looking at "write what you know" (48:30)

  • Getting curious at the key (50:00)

  • What's coming up from Janelle (51:30)