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#120 Jessa Crispin

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When I did 100 readings a few years ago, a friend asked if I could read for her writing project instead of her life.

We tried it out and were amazed at the results. After exploring a bit, I discovered that the very brilliant Jessa Crispin had been reading tarot for writers for years. Her book, The Creative Tarot has been a favorite ever since and I was thrilled she was open to coming on and discussing how tarot can support the writing process.

If you’ve been wondering about bringing tarot into your writing or even if you’ve never played with tarot at all, this episode is going to be such a treat! Happy listening...

Discussed in Episode 120 with Jessa Crispin:

  • “One of the reason you write a book ever is because it doesn’t already it exist.”

    On why she wrote her book

  • “I’m more intellectually engaged when I talk to a writer.”

    On reading tarot for a writer vs. a non-writer

  • “All books written about tarot are bad.”

    On looking for Tarot books in the book store

  • The pros and cons of freeform writing

  • “You have to confront stuff you don’t want to confront, even though it is difficult.”

    On the reluctance in the New Age community to face hard cards like the Tower

  • “You can be filled with love, passion, and excitement but that thing [that you love] could be completely indifferent to you. That’s what the experience of love is.”

    On her approach to the love card

  • “Nobody wants to read about happiness and complacency.”

    On why the lovers card is a good plot line and place to start

  • Building a book around an archetype

  • “Nothing happens for a very long time, then all of a sudden it’s like a wave…either the words are there or they are not there.”

    Caroline on her writing process

  • “I don’t think people can consciously choose their process as much as they think.”

    On creating our personal writing processes 

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