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#153 Judy Reeves

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When people kept asking me about joining writing groups, I knew who needed to come on the show.

Judy Reeves has been leading writing groups, online and off, for decades. In this episode, we talk about setting your intentions for a group, the pros and cos of various formats and how the find a group that will help take your writing forward.

We were both so excited after recording that we were ready to leap into action and join a new group right away-

I’m sure you will be too. Happy hunting!

Discussed in Episode 153 with Judy Reeves

  • The importance of writing groups and what makes a successful group

  • What helpful feedback looks like

  • Questions to ask yourself to find a writer’s group that is right for you

  • How to physically find a writer’s group

  • What it takes to keep a writer’s group going

  • Knowing if you should join an established group or start your own

  • What you can bring to a group

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