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#33 Kate Newburg on Creating Digital Covers

Kate Newburg | Digital Cover Design |

Kate Newburg | Digital Cover Design |

Kate Newburg has you covered. Pun intended.

Kate Newburg is hilarious. She's got a wicked sense of humor (not in the Boston sense - she's from Atlanta) and knows the ins and outs of the deeper reaches of Amazon eBooks. She uses this power for good working on cover design primarily for romance novels, and she knows how to make a reader feel seduced. We talk about matching your cover design with your reader's expectations and how that impacts your reviews. Learn the principles of what should stay in a cover and what should probably come out, as well as hell-no-never-ever-use-them fonts. There are numerous free font sources you can use, and Kate shares her favorites. We also talk about the specific details you need to think about when doing an eBook cover. Finally, learn why you might want to mock up a cover yourself, even if you're going to be using a designer or getting your cover designed by your publisher. This is a jam-packed episode, so get ready to take some notes.

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Show Notes for Episode 33 with Kate Newburg:

  • Cover design for traditional publishing for self-publishing (3:30) Mentioned: Episode 13 on traditional book design

  • Judging books by the cover (4:20)

  • What you should avoid when designing a cover: markers to consider (5:20)

  • The hidden truths of fonts (7:25) Mentioned: Papyrus | Comic Sans | Wingdings | Zapfino

  • Free fonts for the font-curious for commercial use and why commercial use matters (12:15) Mentioned: Font Squirrel | DaFont | Visual Hierarchy bundles

  • Elements of covers (14:20) Mentioned: Jojo Moyes Me Before You cover

  • Identifying fonts you like (16:15)

  • How to feature blurbs & editorial reviews on eBook covers (17:20)

  • The process of designing a cover start to finish (19:25)

  • Knowing your genre as you design the cover (20:20)

  • How cover design can impact your reviews (20:45)

  • Sourcing art for covers (23:15) Mentioned: DreamsTime | iStock Photo

  • Having a photo shoot for your cover (24:00)

  • Working with an illustrator (24:20)

  • Gone Girl's cover deconstructed (25:00)

  • Traps when you design your own cover (25:30)

  • Trends in cover design (26:45) Mentioned: Red Crown series | Lunar Chronicles | V.E. Schwab

  • Pinterest for your cover design (28:30)

  • The challenge of talking about the visual in language (29:00)

  • Genre conventions for covers (29:45) Mentioned: Babus | League Gothic

  • Covers from the realm of the weird (32:15) Mentioned: Moan for Bigfoot | Taken by the Haunted HDMI Cable

  • How to learn cover design from market research type to image to exporting the correct file (34:50) Mentioned: Kate's Class on designing your cover

  • Reasons to design your own cover (35:30)

  • Rebranding with new covers (37:45) Mentioned: Fever Series covers

  • Designing a cover for your reader Mentioned: Rivers of London vs. Midnight Riot covers

  • Current reading: Pride & Prejudice

  • The beauty of niche genres and self-publishing (45:20)

  • The boost that a cover can bring you as a writer (46:15)

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