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#45 Katie Dalebout

Katie Dalebout | Dream Book Deal |Secret Library Podcast

Katie Dalebout | Dream Book Deal |Secret Library Podcast

After winning a contract with the publisher of her dreams, Katie Dalebout sat down to write her first book.

She submitted the proposal in the 11th hour before the deadline and won, an amazing story that makes up the introduction of her book, Let it Out: A Journey Into Journaling. Instead of re-telling that story, we discussed the nitty gritty details of sitting down and writing and editing the book after she had gotten the proposal approved and received her book advance. Listen up to learn how Katie created her writing schedule, why having an advance motivated her, her decision to use part of her advance to hire a copyeditor, and the experience of doing the re-writes.

I love this conversation because we get into the process of writing, what it feels like to sit down and do it in the midst of a busy life. Katie is quite self-aware and talks opening about writing this book in her early twenties and how now, in her late twenties, she already sees that she's quite a different person who hopes to write very different books in the future. If you're looking for tips to structure your writing sessions and context on how to get the book done along with the rest of your life, this episode will serve you well.

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Show notes for Episode 45 with Katie Dalebout:

  • The joy of being a guest on a podcast when you've been a host (2:00)

  • The odd experience of time warp when a book came out (3:00)

  • Journaling and writing for yourself vs. writing a book for others (3:40)

  • Becoming a journaler (4:00)

  • Deciding to write a book about journaling (6:45)

  • Learning to be with yourself through writing (8:00)

  • The tension of being present (10:30)

  • Writing as an activity that doesn't allow multitasking (11:45)

  • The fitness class and mental strengthening connection (13:20)

  • Meditation as a source of presence (13:45)

  • The impact of personal practices on the writing of the book (14:40)

  • Capturing ideas for the book when out in the world (15:20)

  • The beauty of a long deadline (15:40)

  • Writing the book once the proposal was set (16:30)

  • Strategies for writing while working a full-time job (17:00)

  • Setting yourself up for success for the next day at the end of a writing session (17:30)

  • The beauty of focusing on one thing at a time (18:40)

  • Knowing when in the day you're productive and how much time to spend on writing (20:45)

  • The constant negotiation for writing time (21:45) Mentioned: Eat that Frog

  • The influence of the podcast on the book (23:40)

  • The tension of taking in and putting out (26:00)

  • 60,000 thoughts a day and the impact on life (26:30) Mentioned: Josh Radnor's episode on Katie's podcast

  • How Katie went through the editing process (29:30) Mentioned: Hay House publisher

  • The editor's letter and the re-writing process (32:00)

  • The editing timeline (35:00)

  • On setting projects aside until the right time (36:40)

  • Looking at writing ideas and how they change as we change (37:40)

  • The final edit round (37:45)

  • Moving into the marketing phase (38:40)

  • On writing a book vs blogging and podcasting (39:00)

  • Trying out the journaling prompts and what they are inspired by (42:00)

  • Preparing and protecting against a vulnerability hangover (44:00)

  • The night before the book came out (44:45)

  • The reality of what family reads when your book comes out (45:15)

  • Defining her role as the author of the book (46:00)

  • What you know in your 20s & what you don't (46:30)

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