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#146 Kusi Okamura

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At about 40, there is a new level of clarity about the urgency of being creative.

I was delighted to speak with Kusi Okamura, Editor of The Wild Word magazine and the publisher of Mike Hembury's novel New Clone City, which we discussed a few episodes back. We get into detail about how Kusi created the press, the process of publishing Mike's book from her vantage point, as well as the beauty of taking writing and creativity seriously in our 40s.

There is so much attention given to bright young things and 30 Under 30 lists of writers, so it was refreshing and validating to have an open conversation about how we have each thought about our creative process and the urgency we feel about getting work on the page at this point in life. Writing in my 40s feels more real than it ever has, and it was empowering to find a kindred spirit on this topic. If you're writing over 40 (or even over 30) you will feel reassured that you are in the right place. We need to hear more from women in mid-life and especially to see representation of characters at a wider range of ages in books and all media. If you're craving this, this episode is for you. I promise it will fire you up just like it did for me.

Discussed in Episode 146 with Kusi Okamura

  • The origin of Kusi’s online magazine and publishing house, The Wild Word

  • Why Kusi chose to publish New Clone City by Mike Hembury

  • The process of publishing a book from cover creation to distribution 

  • A bit about the book industry in Berlin

  • Plans for post publishing 

  • Managing influx after you open the doors of a publishing company and what guidelines The Wild Word looks for

  • Why it’s hard for people to call themselves a writer

  • How The Wild Word has impacted Kusi’s personal life

  • Continuing to chase your dreams later in life

  • Breaking down the bias against women writers

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