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#138 Lauren Wilkinson

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I love getting meta on the show.

Lauren Wilkinson was so much fun to talk to, not only because American Spy is such a satisfying read, but also because she was more than willing to dive into deep topics like figuring out what it means to tell the truth when writing fiction.

I adore talking about craft on this show, but sometimes even more than craft it's important to go further into what it means to be a writer, what we're striving to achieve by writing books, and how we know when we've gotten it right. After trudging through six (SIX!) drafts of American Spy to reach the book that has just been released, Lauren has tons of experience in this area. I know you'll love hearing from her as much as I did.

Discussed in Episode 138 with Lauren Wilkinson

  • The journey of Lauren’s latest work, American Spy

  • Why she chose to write the book in 2nd person

  • Expanding a short story into a novel

  • Marrying true events with narrative

  • Truth and lies and the nuances these themes create in fiction

  • Starting again and again, plus the challenge of an outline

  • How Lauren researched spying 

  • What invisibility means, especially with regards to women of color

  • The scary side of vulnerability 

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