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#27 Lucy Bellwood

Lucy Bellwood | Secret Library podcast |

Lucy Bellwood | Secret Library podcast |

Lucy Bellwood writes seafaring comics.

When I saw Lucy speak at XOXO this past September, I was absolutely smitten. Not only has she turned her love of tall ships into two crowdfunded comics, she is also incredibly honest about what it takes to live the life of a creative person. She spoke about finances, dreams, and how having a big year can mean recognition and happiness, but that money still plays into the conversation. It was an incredible speech. I knew I had to have her on the show.

Thankfully, Lucy is a great sport and was absolutely game to chat. She shared about what it took to do two Kickstarter campaigns, how she is able to create with the support of Patreon, and she's also an inspiration when it comes to building community around the arts. I could have talked to her all day, but I know episodes over an hour are a little scary to commit to. I know you're not going to want to miss any of this conversation. I give you the delightful Lucy Bellwood...

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Show Notes for Episode 27 with Lucy Bellwood:

  • Making a dream into a book (2:30)

  • How much the public persona has on the private persona (3:00)

  • The first time on a tall ship (5:00) Mentioned: The Lady Washington training program

  • The resurgence of sail-powered vessels (6:00)

  • Becoming a cartoonist (8:00) Mentioned: Fun Home by Alison Bechdel

  • The emergence of web comics (12:00) Mentioned: Kate Beaton interview,Achewood, Penny Arcade, PVP

  • Growing up as an artist (14:30) Mentioned: XOXO Festival

  • The camps of people who succeed as artists (16:00)

  • What training you need to be an artist (17:00) Mentioned: Reed college

  • Having a drawing group and meeting your creative needs (19:00) Mentioned: Independent Publishing Resource Center

  • Talking about the work vs. making the work and Kickstarter (21:15) Mentioned: Amanda Palmer

  • Creative work and analytic work don't play well together (23:15)

  • Financial aid, day jobs, & the creator club (23:30)

  • Doing a Kickstarter right before graduation (25:45)

  • Making the Kickstarter video (28:00) Mentioned: Lucy's Kickstarter video

  • The outcome of the Kickstarter (29:00)

  • Building community and the importance of connection (32:00) Mentioned: Mary Laura Philpott's episode

  • Creating knowing people are watching (34:30)

  • Working for non-profits & life expenses as an artist (37:45)

  • Learning to trust support & being vulnerable (40:15)

  • Having a public persona as an artist (42:15)

  • Social media for artists & the addictive process of sharing vs. making (43:00) Mentioned: The Creative Pep Talk podcast

  • The business of commercial art (44:30)

  • Creative seasons (45:15)

  • The luxury of uninterrupted time (47:00)

  • The discipline of promotion vs. creation (48:30)

  • The nasty critic and never doing enough (49:45)

  • Creativity through the generations (50:45)

  • Looking forward at a career in the arts (52:00)

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