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#48 Madelyn Kent

Madelyn Kent | Secret Library Podcast

Madelyn Kent | Secret Library Podcast

Madelyn Kent has found a surprising way into creativity.

For many of us who write, we spend a lot of time up in our heads. We might even spend most of our time in our heads. Since writers are making up worlds, it does make sense that our daydreams would come from our minds and that, as artists who create with words, thinking would be our happy place. But when we get stuck, staying in the mind can be a trap.

I was delighted to have a different sort of conversation this week with Madelyn, who has taught playwriting, screenwriting, and theater at NYU. In 2008, she began training in the Feldenkrais method and, through that work, began to see parallels between movement and the creative process. Since this discovery, she has developed Sense Writing, a method that combines writing with movement sequences and often opens up creative awareness and flow.

I love it when I keep coming back to a subject, like writing and creating books, and keep discovering new worlds and approaches to creativity and expression. I hope this episode reminds us all that not only are we not brains in jars, we are better writers for it. Building a connection with the body can open up all kinds of possibility in your writing. I can't wait for you to listen to this episode and see why.

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Discussed in Episode 48 with Madelyn Kent:

  • The relationship between the body and creativity

  • How Sense Writing was created

  • The Sense Writing process

  • Connecting movement and writing

  • The need to let go of control of writing

  • Bringing movement into a creative life

  • The Feldenkrais method

Mentioned on the show:

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