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#147 Martine Fournier Watson

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What happens when your editor asks you to change a major plot point?

Martine Fournier Watson was faced with a curveball late in the publishing process with her first novel, The Dream Peddler. Even after selling the manuscript to a major publishing house, her editor had notes that involved changing an important part of the plot. She wasn't sure if she'd be able to pull off what they were asking, but decided to trust their instincts and go for it.

In this conversation, we go behind the scenes and review the impact that the rewriting had on Martine, and on her book. Thankfully, she was up to the challenge and realized that undertaking it has made her a stronger writer. Most of us believe that a book is virtually set in stone once it's sold, but that's not the case. I hope this conversation sheds light on one way things can unfold inside the publishing process and how the collaboration between writer and editor can open up entirely new possibilities. Fans of L.M. Montgomery will be particular fans of this episode- Martine has a real soft spot for her writing, which was a central source of inspiration for the Dream Peddler.

Discussed in Episode 147 with Martine Fournier Watson

  • Magical realism and the origin of The Dream Peddler

  • Drawing inspiration from your favorite authors

  • Writing as a plantser (hybrid of a plotter and a pantser

  • How to create tension for your reader 

  • The way our unconscious and what is happening in the world meets in our writing

  • Writing without a MFA

  • Remembering representation when writing your novel

  • Having to re-think your story line in order to keep readers

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