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#20 Michelle Wetzel


Michelle Wetzel is the high school librarian you wish you had.

Hearing about what is possible in schools nowadays, what Michelle has created for her book group (hint: parkour!), and how much technology and good old fashioned books are adding to the world of reading was completely inspiring to talk about.

I learned so much: YA that the kids love, what they don't love about books written for them, and where to find fan fiction. I kind of felt like a grandma from everything I learned, and I consider myself pretty tech savvy. Get ready to learn about new sources and adventures that can happen in the library.

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Show notes for Episode 20 with Michelle Wetzel:

  • Love for the nerds (2:00)
  • Not enough time to read in high school (3:00)
  • One book, one city at the high school level (3:30) Mentioned: Endangered by Eliot Schrefer
  • Fiction vs. Non-fiction in academics (4:30)
  • High school trends (6:00) Mentioned: The Battle of the Books
  • Bookstagram and the high school demographic (7:30)
  • Student reading clubs and reading lunch (8:45)
  • Action book club (9:15) Mentioned: The Young Elites by Marie Lu | Divergent | Parkour
  • Trends in YA (11:00) Mentioned: Victoria Schwab
  • Cover design in YA (12:30) Mentioned: Flowers in the Attic | Emily of New Moon
  • eBooks vs physical copies in the school library (13:45) Mentioned: Overdrive | Overdrive tutorials: eBooks | Audio
  • Knitting and reading (15:45)
  • Audiobooks in other languages (17:00) Mentioned: Fluent Forever
  • Digital magazines reading (19:00) Mentioned: Zinio
  • Traveling with devices vs. hard copy (19:45)
  • Digital reading for kids (21:15) Mentioned: Tumblebooks
  • Kindle vs iPad reading (22:30)
  • Buying print books versus checking them out (23:45)
  • Reading physical books as a parent (24:45)
  • The commonalities of the high school book junkies (25:00)
  • Library volunteers (26:20)
  • Bringing reading out into the community (27:00) Mentioned: Reading Lolita in Tehran
  • Trying to find YA that's not depressing (28:30)
  • Fan fiction & how to find it (31:45) Mentioned:
  • Harry Potter as the cure for grad school (34:00)

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