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#141 Mike Hembury

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Mike Hembury has a permission slip for you.

In speaking with Mike about his novel New Clone city and the wild ride of a story that it is, he mentioned that when he writes, he likes to cut out all the boring bits. This struck me as a piece of true freedom: as writers, some scenes feel like taking vitamins, thinks that have to be included, but what if that wasn't true?

If you are not having fun writing a scene, it's quite likely that your reader won't have fun reading it either. Instead, let Mike be your guide this week as you connect with your characters and let them lead you through their adventures. Mike's book is a steampunk alternate reality romp that carries a full cast along through interconnected discoveries and mishaps. Our conversation was a wide series of discoveries as well as we covered character, plot, politics and writing about place in a way that isn't reductionistic, but captures the spirit of the setting.

Happy listening and happy writing this week!

Discussed in Episode 141 with Mike Hembury

  • Mike’s newest novel, New Clone City

  • The need to avoid easy categories for countries and cities in life and in writing

  • Publishing in a foreign country, especially when the book is in a non-native language 

  • The desire to defy convention 

  • The process of creating different characters and how we get to know them as writers

  • Bringing multiple characters together in complex plots

  • How to just get on with your writing

  • Maintaining a fast paced plot 

  • Creating visual aspect for your readers

  • Writing during a tumultuous time in the world and incorporating it into your work

  • Setting your book and your characters free

  • Responsibility as a writer

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