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#7 Milda Harris

I hope you've got your notepad and a pen out for this one, my dear listeners. Author Milda Harris is a Chicago girl who ran off to Hollywood to pursue a screenwriting dream! She has a dog named after a piece of candy (Licorice), identical twin daughters, was once hit by a tree (seriously), and wears hot pink sunglasses (why not?). Former staff on television shows like Austin & Ally, Hannah Montana, and That's So Raven, she writes young adult murder mystery, horror, paranormal romance, and chick lit novels.

Milda totally rocked the podcast and spilled all she knows about writing a series, a serial novel, AND how she has self-published over eight novels.

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Here are the show notes (and let me know what you think of the jazzy new time-stamp format, pretty please):

Show Notes for Episode 7 : Milda Harris on YA and Self-Publishing Systems

  • Writing for a YA Audience (3:00)

  • The blessings and challenges of writing a series (3:45)

  • Her magical Series Binders (!!) (5:00)

  • Milda's Serial Project (7:25)

  • On writing schedules (8:45)

  • NaNoWriMo (10:00)

  • Plot hacks (11:30)

  • Self Publishing (13:45)

  • Why Milda chose to self publish (14:20) Mentioned: Amanda Hocking

  • Making money for self-published authors (15:30)

  • Self publishing system: the nerd facts (16:30) Mentioned: Scrivener | Vellum | Smashwords (and the Meatgrinder, available with a free account)

  • How often to publish (19:20)

  • Writing to publishing timeline for traditional publishing vs. self publishing (20:30)

  • Caroline's dreadful first novel concept (21:00)

  • eBook Publishing outlets & distribution (22:30) Mentioned: Oyster | Scribd | Kobo | Draft to Digital

  • The philosophy of eBook pricing (26:00)

  • Kindle Unlimited for self published authors (27:30)

  • How readers find indie digital authors (29:45) Mentioned: Wattpad

  • Book promotions lists (30:30) Mentioned: BookBub | Fussy Librarian | eBookSoda

  • How to max out a BookBub (31:30)

  • Milda's Celebrity eBook author crushes (34:30) Mentioned: Amanda Hocking | Abbi Glines | The Hashtag Series by Cambria Hebert | Heather Hildenbrand

  • Author bundles and collaboration (35:30)

  • Blog tours vs. book tours (36:00)

  • How long does it take to make money? (36:45)

  • On staying engaged and motivated (40:15)

  • The editing process (41:30)