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#50 Natalie Obando

Natalie Obando knows how to get your book in front of the right people.

PR is one of those topics that seems to scare writers to death. It feels like the most extroverted part of writing, and the one that is the furthest away from writing your book. I was thrilled to have Natalie Obando on the show because she specializes not only in PR, but PR for books specifically. Her company, Do Good PR, promotes books with a message.

I had Natalie on for another reason: she doesn't think every author needs to have a fancy PR firm backing them up to have a successful book launch. We dove into what good PR looks like as well as what you can do yourself for your book. We also got clear about when you might want to call in the pros in order to handle specialized situations that they are trained for. It's a great primer in PR and one that you'll need to listen to before you get your book out in the world. I'm so glad to be able to make this topic a bit less intimidating.

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Discussed in Episode 50 with Natalie Obando:

  • The way PR works
  • Why is PR so intimidating for writers?
  • When you can do PR yourself
  • What building a platform actually means
  • Do Good's new publishing imprint
  • What submissions they are looking for
  • How you can submit your work for publication
  • What makes for great PR?