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#135 Paul Jarvis

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Bigger isn't always better for writing.

Of course we'd all love a movie deal for our books or a huge advance, but the actual process of writing isn't about making everything bigger and better.

Paul Jarvis lives in the woods in Canada and has managed to make a successful living centered around writing for nearly twenty years. In this conversation, we explore what it means to be a Company of One as a writer, why staying small lets you write more, and what caused him to go with traditional publishing this time around- it's not what you'd think!

Happy listening, writers. Here's hoping this episode has you sighing in relief.

Discussed in Episode 135 with Paul Jarvis

  • Building a business that fosters the life that you want

  • How you could be setting yourself up for failure

  • Paul’s thought process on his publishing choices

  • The myth that you are supposed to follow your passion

  • Why it’s okay if your work doesn’t always make you feel good

  • The role our audience and readers play in shared responsibility 

  • Doing what works for you in your business and in your writing 

  • Balancing all that you have to do as a writer, besides the writing 

  • Why you should aim to be scared

  • Why you’re not really finished working even after you have finished your novel

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