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#124 Rachel Fulginiti

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With hundreds of audiobooks narrated, Rachel Fulginiti was the perfect guest to lead us through the wild world of audio.

This episode will take you through the entire process, from finding potential narrators to audition, how to hire them, pricing, the timeline from booking to recording to receiving the finished product. Full of tips to get the best audiobook possible, you'll be ready to make the leap into creating an audio version of your book after listening to this jam packed episode.


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Discussed in Episode 124 with Rachel Fulginiti

  • How to make an audiobook out of your book

  • How to choose the perfect narrator for your book and what a typical audition should include, to connect with narrators and select a narrator to produce your book

  • Rachel’s process of creating specific voices for different characters

  • “As an author, you have to be open to interpretation.”
    On how narrators can enliven your story

  • Allowing your book to stand as a whole

  • What you can do to be a dream author for a narrator

  • “It’s about letting go and trusting that the narrator wants to do a really great job with your book…trust them to elevate your work and take it some place new.”
    On giving freedom to your narrator

  • Having a narrator read your work vs. you narrating your own book

  • How long it takes to record a novel and the recording process

  • The general agreement process and models of working with a narrator directly

  • What it looks like going through Amazon vs. other platforms

  • “I think it’s something to do research on and then figure out what the best fit is for you.”
    On choosing which platform to use for your audiobook

  • Current trends within the audiobook industry

  • “Fans love series.” And so do narrators!

  • How a narrator has the power to change the course of a series

  • “I feel like she wrote this for me.”
    On narrating for an author over time

  • “You might not see an awesome return on your first book, but if you keep doing it you will.”
    On building over time 

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