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#143 Raynor Winn

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Most people don't have to face all their worst fears in a single week.

Raynor Winn and her husband were left homeless when an investment went bad. Within days, her husband Moth received a terrifying medical diagnosis that predicted a dramatic decline. What did they do? They decided to wild camp (that's camping without campgrounds or rules, for those outside the UK) and walk the over 600 miles of the coast path in England.

In this episode, we not only discuss Raynor's incredible life experience, but she also tells to story of how she wrote and got the book published, which is almost as dramatic a tale as her memoir! If you worry that you need more qualifications, or think that your story won't make a difference, listening to Raynor Winn describe going from homeless to the bestselling author will brighten your day and your outlook as much as it did for me. This episode promises to be a fast favorite and I know you'll want to keep it around for inspiration long into the future.

Happy listening!

Discussed in Episode 143 with Raynor Winn

  • How books come into being, especially when you didn’t plan on writing one

  • Whether or not certain experiences can impact the way you write

  • The importance of being truthful and accurate to how you feel

  • Making a book suspenseful even when the reader knows the outcome

  • How to choose the right agent

  • The publishing process from start to finish

  • Making your book relatable, even when you don’t realize it

  • What happens after you write your book

  • The importance of your manuscript 

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