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#49 RothCo Press

Rob Cohen and Christine Roth didn't plan to start Rothco Press.

But watching the explosion of content that eBooks and self-publishing has created, the couple realized that good books weren't getting the attention they deserved. With so much content to wade through looking for what you want, many books just drown.

With their experience producing film and television, Rob and Christine bring a unique approach to publishing- dedication to the story itself and a desire to see that story reach the world in whatever form it can. What does this mean for a writer? If you have a great story, Rob and Christine not only want to see it published as a book in print, but also explore the way the story could be a TV show or a film. From their point of view, the best way to get a story made into a movie is to write a book that can be adapted.

From inside the film world in Hollywood, this fresh perspective on getting ideas and stories out in front of people where they can read, watch, and enjoy them was hugely galvanizing. I love the matter-of-fact energy these two bring to books. I'm sure you'll love hearing this conversation. Enjoy! **Also, Rob and Christine were kind enough to provide the show with some books to give away as part of this episode! Make sure you're following us on Instagram to find out about the contest where you can win free books!**

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Discussed in Episode 49 with Rob Cohen and Christine Roth:

  • The explosion of content in today's publishing world

  • Why a story doesn't stop with a book

  • Getting your book optioned

  • What makes a good story in the entertainment world

  • The mentality needed to work with the entertainment industry as a writer

  • Why who you, the writer, are can be just as meaningful as the story you have to tell

  • Why having a book out of print can be a good thing

  • What it takes to pitch a book to be optioned.

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