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#51 Ruby Warrington

Ruby Warrington is the force behind the Numinous.

I adored Ruby Warrington even before we spoke. I knew we would be kindred spirits because she admitted in her book that her power lipstick was MAC Lady Danger. So, of course I had to put my own Lady Danger on for our Skype call to record the session. And thus, magic ensued. I love Ruby because she comes from a journalist background, yet is pulled to topics that traditional journalism generally avoids, like astrology, spiritual topics, and Burning Man. I doubly knew I would love her when she admitted that Burning Man wasn't the easiest sell for her when she attended.

For anyone who has ever made a huge transition in life and wanted to write about it, you will have something to learn from Ruby. Not only did she leave journalism as a full-time career to explore writing and living in the more spiritual arena, she also moved from London to NYC along the way. Ruby is the perfect spokeserson for those who want to explore topics like tarot, astrology, sound baths, yoga, and crystals while still dressing to kill (and wearing Lady Danger lipstick). I found Ruby's book to be an excellent primer for the spiritual-curious, as it explores a wide array of topics under that umbrella with honesty and humor. I know you're going to love this conversation just as much as I did.

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Discussed in Episode 51 with Ruby Warrington:

  • Ruby's initial connection to a spiritual life

  • Astrology as her first topic of study

  • Going from fashion journalist to student of the spiritual

  • Trying to figure out how to fill the emptiness that crept up in her life

  • Moving from London to NYC and exploring a new way of writing during that transition

  • Balancing the old way of writing with new topics

  • The story of founding The Numinous

  • Learning to be the Editor in Chief of her new project

  • Getting a book deal

  • Making a positive impact through writing

  • San Francisco and all its wildness

  • The need to remember our humanity in the midst of technology

  • What it was like to record the audiobook

  • How writing the book was a bit like self-therapy

  • Ruby's relationship to journaling

  • How the book was like writing her mother the letter of her life

  • The creation of the Moon Club

  • Looking at how vs. why

  • Taking a friendly approach to the spiritual

  • Thoughts on writer's block and burning out

  • The nature of divine timing