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#155 Ruth Reichl

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I had read many of Ruth Reichl's books by the time she came on the show.

I adored Tender at the Bone and remembered it from years ago. My husband and I count the recipe for grilled cheese in My Kitchen Year among our very favorites. I had wanted to interview Ruth about her incredible ability to draw the reader into the story as if you were sitting at the same table with her, listening.

So imagine my delight upon hearing about the release of Save Me the Plums. I devoured the book and knew it was the perfect one to discuss. Many students and clients ask about a tricky part of writing -- when real life and real people appear in your writing. As this book included a huge number of living people, we went deep into how it felt to write the book, find a story that worked, and the reactions the people in her life had once it came out. I was honored to hear such deep sharing about why Save Me the Plums was the hardest book she ever had to write.

I'm beyond thrilled to share this one. Enjoy!

Discussed in Episode 155 with Ruth Reichl

  • Writing stories that are completely personal, knowing that they will affect real people

  • Dealing with the hidden pitfalls of memoir writing

  • What to do when your editor suggests that you move on

  • All of the things that inspired Save Me the Plums

  • Overcoming the pressure of feeling like you need to get everything right

  • Writing it all, then deciding what to leave on the cutting room floor and what to include 

  • Using writing to heal your anger, loss and more

  • A bit of an inside look of Ruth’s time with Gourmet

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