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#132 Ryder Carroll

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Talking to Ryder Carroll was a particularly meta experience

As both the creator of the Bullet Journal Method and author of a book with the same title, we not only got to talk about the process of writing a book about Bullet journaling, we also got to talk about using the Bullet Journal method in the process of writing a book about, you guessed it... The Bullet Journal Method. It almost hurts my brain to think about it too much.

It won't hurt your brain at all to listen to this episode, however. Ryder gives straightforward and actionable advice to support you as you plan your writing goals for 2019 and beyond. The difference between an unachieved goal and one that you celebrate at the end of the year is often just making the steps in between manageable. I can't say enough about how this method has helped me keep track of my life, and my writing.

You're in for a treat, and a big blast of inspiration. Have your fresh clean notebooks ready to go when you listen to this one – it's a powerhouse.

Discussed in Episode 132 with Ryder Carroll

  • Bullet Journaling, and using Bullet Journaling to help write a book.

  • How writing is different from design.

  • Becoming a novice again (moving from design to writing).

  • How a book grows through stages of development like a person.

  • How editing is a different mindset than drafting.

  • The book as a tool.

  • The book as a more existential dive into the philosophy behind Bullet Journaling, as well as documentation of its tactical elements.

  • A side project turning into the main storyline.

  • The importance of examining your intentions.

  • Clear intentions as a buffer against inevitable frustrations.

  • Bullet Journaling techniques specific to his writing process.

  • The constant problem of your taste exceeding your ability.

  • Reacting too quickly to a promising idea, before fully understanding it.

  • Giving ideas time to ruminate.

  • The benefits of knowing his target audience very well.

  • Comparing yourself only to your previous self.

  • Designing the printed book along with doing the writing.

  • Reason people don‘t Bullet Journal.

  • The seduction of a “beautiful” journal.

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