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#12 Sarah Selecky

Sarah Selecky | The Secret Library Podcast | |

Sarah Selecky | The Secret Library Podcast | |

Sarah Selecky might be a magician.

I downloaded Sarah's Story Course* about five years ago and fell in love. The prompts were so simple and so deep at the same time. I felt freed up and juiced up all at once. There was just something about Sarah's soothing voice as she guided me through the exercises that got the stories flowing. And then... I fell off the wagon. I couldn't keep up the motivation with a self-guided course. So I went for the full monty last fall and took the Story Intensive.

Again, it was magic. The accountability, the ideas, the inspiration. Love. And community.

The main thing was that it got me back in touch with my fiction-writing self. I had missed that self and was so happy to be working with her again.

We've talked a lot about the process of finishing a book and getting it on shelves or onto digital readers, but we haven't talked about where writing comes from. Where it all begins. Sarah and I dive into this side of the world of books- the mystery and the terror of facing that blank page in the beginning.

Let's go all the way back to where books begin. It's going to get wild... are you ready? (I won't lie -- I felt a little high after we recorded this one.)

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Show notes from Episode 12 with Sarah Selecky

  • Virgo party! (2:35)

  • Beginning & where a story comes from (3:30) Mentioned: The Story Course

  • Connecting to the source & mystery (5:50)

  • What is fire? Keeping it going (7:35)

  • Getting beyond the doable (8:10)

  • Making space for the spark (8:45)

  • Writing practice (10:10)

  • The anti-hustle (11:00)

  • The doing addiction (11:45)

  • Natalie Goldberg and tricking yourself to create space (12:30)

  • Different parts of the brain (15:00)

  • How to write a novel with kindness (15:20)

  • Jobs for the logical brain (16:45)

  • The inner editor (17:30)

  • How writers keep themselves from writing what they love (18:45)

  • Learning to hear the inner voice again (19:00)

  • The word pairing exercise and illogical leaps (20:45)

  • How people get cut off from writing early in life (22:45)

  • Everyone learns to write and pressure (24:30)

  • Life transitions and writing (25:15)

  • Why you might need help (25:45)

  • The Rauschenberg divide (26:30)

  • The delicious part and getting plugged in (27:45)

  • Self-expression and the frustration trap (28:45)

  • Pants vs. Structure (30:45)

  • Getting past the terror of the blank page (37:30)

  • Writing as tuning in to the frequency with language (39:45)

  • The quest of diving deep (44:45)

  • The process of active receiving (46:15)

  • Writing and revision as translation (47:45) Mentioned: Peter Levitt

  • Deep noticing (50:00)

  • Practices & managing anxiety (56:30)

  • Courses & resources - working with a teacher (57:40)

  • Connecting to source in a group (60:00)

*Even though I am a big fan of The Story Intensive and all of Sarah's work, I am not an affiliate. I'm sharing this course based on love alone.