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#100 Sarah Selecky and Mary Laura Philpott

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I don't know how else to say it. This episode is long. 

But it's so good that we couldn't stand to cut anything out of it. As soon as I knew that Sarah Selecky's book was coming out in Canada this week, I knew she was episode 100. And then I had to talk about the amazing books coming out this spring with Mary Laura Philpott. And I love talking to both of them, so we didn't cut it short. We went all out talking about everything we're excited about. 

I know going over an hour asks a lot of people listening, but my hope is that these conversations are worth the time. I left talking to Sarah and Mary Laura buzzing with excitement and I expect you will, too. As always, it's a joy creating this show and it's an even bigger joy showing it off in its new home!


Discussed in Episode 100 with Sarah Selecky:

  • “It’s still not outside of me.”

    On the limbo between ‘final draft’ and publication.

  • “It’s not mine & it’s not ‘not mine’.”

    On the limbo between ‘final draft’ and publication.”

  • “The antidote is writing something new.”

    On feeling adrift after finishing something big.

  • “It really is like opening a portal and going into Narnia.”

    On disappearing into the writing process. 

  • Even after publication, her reading copy is marked up and edited. The book is never static. 

  • Authors change over time, so it’s to be expected that who they were when they started writing is different from who they are once it’s published .

  • “I was so uncomfortable.”

    On living inside her main character. 

  • Slow Regard of Silent Things

  • “Am I allowed to write about all these minuscule details of a woman's life?”

    On wondering how much detail is too much.

  • When she started she imagined the book would take place “next year”, sometime in the near - but undated - future. But during the course of writing, the world caught up. The things she imagined as being ‘out there’ started to happen today. Choosing to date the book in 2016.

  • “I’m a little sad that the word ‘authentic’ causes us to barf in our mouths now.”

    On social media being overwhelmed with marketing. 

  • Guardian article

  • Mosquito Coast, based on a novel by Paul Theroux

  • The Wisdom of No Escape, Pema Chodron


Discussed in Episode 100 with Mary Laura Philpott:

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