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#67 Scott Stabile


Scott Stabile has earned the right to share advice.

There are many books out there that share life advice. There are whole sections in bookstores dedicated to this sort of book. But I have not encountered many where I am so willing to trust the advice of the author. It's often hard to imagine that a writer would relate to my life, or understand the particular thing I have been through and that we could connect.

Scott is an excellent antidote to this belief. His life experience, which includes his parents' murder, his brother's death from overdose, and belonging to a spiritual cult, has more than prepared him to share about the human experience. I loved reading Scott's book and talking to him because his insights on finding happiness felt so generous, given what he's had to overcome in order to find happiness in his life. We talk about how getting vulnerable and raw and specific about your life experience makes you more connected to the reader because the specific opens up to the universal. I love this as it is a lovely shift away from the fear many of us have: that if we write on one obscure topic no one else will understand. Scott is here to tell you that people will relate, and it's worth sharing the dark parts of your story as well as the warm fuzzy ones. I've been waiting to share this episode. I hope you enjoy listening.

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Discussed in Episode 67 with Scott Stabile:

  • Writing about losing your parents to murder and a brother to an overdose

  • Going from Facebook page to book

  • The unifying effect of human bullshit, grief & uncertainty

  • The need to show the dark side, even in a place of positivity

  • Avoiding the Pollyanna downside

  • Vulnerability and its role in writing and a fulfilling life

  • Fears that came up around releasing such a personal book

  • Scott as Eminem (my assessment)

  • The role of shame in writing

  • The curse of the baseball cap

  • Why it's a good thing that people are not paying that much attention to what you're doing

  • How to write in the face of fear

  • Figuring out how to take care of ourselves

  • Beating the fear with structure- Scott shares the one that worked for him

  • Writing as a tool for healing

  • Journaling versus writing non-fiction

  • Introverted extrovert on a book tour

  • Having a supportive community as the book launch approaches

  • A word of encouragement to anyone who's dreaming of writing a book