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#106 Stephanie Rosenbloom + Lauren Weisberger

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There is very little I love more than getting away.

For anyone who loves to escape, this is your episode. Stephanie Rosenbloom and I talk about Alone Time, her book on solo travel. Through the four seasons, she travels to four cities (including her hometown for a staycation) and shares what she finds by traveling alone. As a fan of solo travel as much as I am of exploring with others, I was enchanted. Anyone who wants to travel to write must listen. And then, Lauren Weisberger talks about the wild and crazy world of the uber wealthy in Connecticut that she explored in When Life Gives You Lululemons, the third book in the Devil Wears Prada world, where we follow the first assistant to Miranda Priestly, Emily Charlton ten years after the end of DWP. It's such a fun book, and our conversation was a total delight.

Enjoy a diverting listen this week and then have some fun writing about the world away from your doorstep. Please hit reply and share what you find!

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Discussed in Episode 106 with Stephanie Rosenbloom:

  • Not everyone finds that time alone is a necessary recharging or centering experience - but if you do…travel alone can be extremely valuable. 

  • Susan Cain, Quiet

  • “I’ve met many more people when I’ve been on my own than when I’ve been in a group.”

    • On how traveling alone isn’t just for introverts. 

  • “There’s a lot of opportunity for self reflection.”

    • On one of the benefits of traveling alone. 

  • “Just so much is happening that it’s a really fertile experience.”

    • On immersing yourself in a city. 

  • “I rarely write a story when I’m in a place.”

    • On immersing in location while traveling. 

  • The Daily Vacation

  • Fred Bryant, author of Savoring

  • “How do we extract the most joy from a moment.”

    • On how to savor. 

  • “There is value in not feeling you have to go see everything and do every little thing.”

    • On the beauty of a simple itinerary.

  • “Travel does not have to be far. It doesn’t need to be expensive.”

  • Headspace walking meditation options

  • Snapshotting the moment. 

  • Peer-to-peer dining

  • WhatsApp

  • LiveTrekker

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Discussed in Episode 106 with Lauren Weisberger:

  • Emily as the Id character.  

  • “She is fun to write because she says what we’re all thinking and don’t ever say.”

    • On the joy of an Uninhibited character. 

  • “A lot of money plus a lot of time equals a lot of outrageous behavior.”

    • On writing about the wildly wealthy. 

  • “It’s exciting to look at the same situation through different lenses & personalities.”

    • On writing an ensemble cast.

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