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#131 Susannah Conway

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As writers, we spend a lot of time thinking about how we can take care of our words.

On the other side, we don't spend nearly as much time thinking about how words can take care of us as well.

For the past 4 or 5 years, I've been picking a word for the year to guide me along in both my living and my writing. Since we work with language after all, why not use language for a supportive purpose as well as a creative one?

One of my favorite guides in this process has been my friend Susannah Conway, creator of Find Your Word course and who has also been creating a workbook to Unravel the Year ahead for nearly a decade. Barry and I have made it our New Years ritual to hide out somewhere quiet and remote and work through this brilliant workbook and set intentions and get clear on our hopes for the coming year.

In fact, it was in this very workbook that living abroad first appeared as a hope for us. Since we spend so much time writing for readers, I wanted to wrap up 2018 by spending some time with writing that is for our eyes alone. By taking this time to reflect on what you hope to gain in the coming year, I know your writing will stand to gain so much.

Enjoy this chat Susannah and I had as we wrap up 2018 and start dreaming for the coming year. Happy listening, and happy dreaming.

Discussed in Episode 131 with Susannah Conway

  • The origins of Find Your Word & Unraveling the Year Ahead.

  • Picking your word for next year and how it will impact your writing life.

  • Online courses as living books.

  • Why Unraveling the Year Ahead course doesn’t change much year-to-year

  • Looking for answers inside of yourself, instead of outside novelty

  • How she creates a new course.

  • Reflections on ten years of running online courses and writing 3 books.

  • Strategies to pay the rent as a writer.

  • The benefits of learning & teaching online.

  • Finding (and not finding) time for books, plus tips on late-night reading.

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