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#123 Tasha Harrison

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Every year November 1 brings the same question to writers: to NaNo or not to NaNo?

Tasha Harrison and I dive in to NaNo 2.0: tips and hacks for writers looking to do more than just bang out 50,000 of a brand new project. Already working on a book? Great. We'll walk you through ways to approach the madness of NaNoWriMo so you come out the other side with something you're proud of.

Here's hoping you're ready for a major jolt of inspiration!

Discussed in Episode 123 with Tasha Harrison:

  • NaNoWriMo revisited: using NaNo for a project you‘re already working on.

  • “What is cheating at NaNoWriMo?”

  • “If you‘re writing your first book, there‘s really no deadline in place.”

  • Using NaNo to provide an external sense of urgency.

  • “I wrote so much garbage just trying to meet the word-count.”

  • Using NaNo to finish something instead of starting something.

  • Writing fluff in order to meet the word-count. Ends up being a waste of time, even if you‘re “doing it right”.

  • “I didn‘t realize that I was going to be so competitive.”
    On needing to hit the public word count.

  • Using the word count to let yourself write “b-sides”, scenes that you‘re not sure will make the final cut, but that do something to flesh out your characters in your own mind.

  • “I don‘t need that scene. Who cares how fucking cute it is.”
    On using an outline to narrow your focus.

  • “Just because you read something from start to finish doesn‘t mean you have to write it that way.”

  • Writing out of order, it‘s okay if you have a strong outline.

  • Critical path method and using it to map out your novel. Also to map out, in the mind of your main character, how they‘d like to reach a certain end.

  • “We tend to do the things that we want to do.”

  • “That‘s logic, but who thinks logically?”

  • Using NaNo to establish or re-establish a proper writing habit.

  • “I don‘t want to hear any of this 5am writers club shit.”

  • “My brain just doesn‘t want to write fiction at 5am.”

  • Time is a flat circle.

  • Pay attention to your body & when it‘s easiest for you to write & when its harder. 

  • “We should all be allowed to take naps.”

  • “Everybody wants a shortcut to the process.”

  • Using NaNo as a crutch instead of figuring out your own process.

  • Accumulating degrees, or classes or X in order to buttress yourself against criticism.

  • “The only way to inoculate yourself against the pain of being judged is to continuously get judged.”

  • Authors stop treating books as precious things.

  • “We don‘t write books just so other people will like them.”

  • Using NaNo as a way to challenge yourself, if you‘re already writing. Instead of to “help” yourself write the same book over & over.

  • Using NaNo as a tool to combat ‚writers block. “Just keep putting the words down, daily as a habit, even if they‘re not the right words”

  • “You can cry for a minute, but move on.”

  • Write through your writers block.

  • Versus outlining: Write the last scene. Write the first scene. Then connect the dots. 

  • “I can fix something that‘s already there.”

  • Revising, don‘t fear it.

  • NaNo helping Tasha stop revising while writing. Don‘t fiddle. Use the word count goal to keep moving forward, knowing you‘ll revise later. 

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