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#137 Theresa Reed

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Sometimes the siren call of ambition is just too seductive to resist.

When Theresa Reed's publisher pitched TWO books for her to write last year, she thought "Sure- I can do that." What followed was a year of early mornings, a schedule that eliminated her social life AND a near meltdown when a draft got eaten by the cruel technology gods.

Learn how Theresa calibrated her schedule to get all the work done on deadline and use her tips to get your writing done in a much less stressful manner. Plus, we dive into how Theresa uses tarot in her writing including a live card pull she does right on the show. So much fun!

Discussed in Episode 137 with Theresa Reed

  • Suffering with too many ideas

  • Writing with a collaborator 

  • Maintaining a schedule when you have a lot on your plate

  • How tarot can play a role in your creative process

  • Dealing with darker parts of ourselves

  • Transforming difficult experiences into something productive

  • The importance of conversation and finding resolutions together

  • Staying connected to the world when you have a full schedule

  • How to get your work done with ease, joy, and glory. 

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